Théâtre en anglais 2018/2019 par la compagnie irlandaise pickles


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The 4 Wishes

The Pickles’ compagnie came in Saint Elme the 8th of March, and they played for us « The 4 Wishes ».

« The 4 Wishes » is a comic play. It tells about Matt, a young man, who bought a magic kettle with a genie inside to his girlfiend. Matt and Aoife realized 4 wishes but during this time, gangsters wanted to steal this kettle. Matt and Aoife decided to make the genie free, so when the gangsters stole the kettle, it was just an ordinary kettle !

The actors of this comedy were very friendly, they love this playing. The students who watched this show were very excited. They laughed when the actors made jokes, and seven of them participated to the show.

They were very happy !☺☺☺ »

Cyprien Proust 5èmeC

On April 8th, a group of Irish actors went in Saint-Elme to perform  a play named « On my way ». They were four: two women and two men and we were a total of three classes: 2A,2C and 2D. In addition to that, six students were volunteers to act in this play. But the most important part is the story! Indeed, this play deals with the very difficult journey of a young girl, Billie:

This girl is a total looser, everyone understands that. But one day, her life will be changed. Indeed, her crush invites her to a competition : to explore the Irish coasts. She is not a sporty girl but she decides to do it . After many hard moments of walking and climbing, she finally finishes with the record of the lowest person ever. Billie wins, but the most important thing is that she proves her family she is not the looser they thought she was.

This play was awesome. The different actors were spectacular and so funny ! They acted with a typical Irish humour. After the show  they answered with kindness many questions, asked by some students. Moreover, you can follow them on Instagram at @PicklesPiccolo. We will keep great memories of this experience.

Maxime Abadie 2C