Visite de la compagnie Pickles

Les élèves de 5ème/4ème/3ème et 2nde ont pu assister à la représentation de la compagnie Pickles en anglais. Spectateurs mais aussi acteurs le temps d’un spectacle, un très bon moment…

Un petit résumé de Mahel B., élève de 2nde

Some students in 4A gave their opinion about the play « HOT SPUD », performed on May 25th :

« I liked this play because it was funny and interesting. » Elsa

« I liked this spectacle because it was interactive and entertaining. It was also funny that’s why I liked it. » Charlotte

« I liked the play because it’ s funny. » Maïlys

« I liked this play. I found it very funny. » Eliott

« I loved this play because I participated. It was funny. » Luce

« I found the play entertaining however it was a bit long in the end. I loved how the students could interact. » Jeanne

« I found this play entertaining because I had fun. » Pauline Pa.

« I liked it because it was funny. I laughed and I had fun ! » Claire

« We didn’t like the play « HOT SPUD » because it was about science-fiction and we don’t like that. But we think it was a bit funny. » Léo et Agathe A

« I really liked this play because it is so funny. » Romain

« I liked it because the actors played “Hot spud” very well.

I liked the moment when the actors went to us and clapped in our hands.

I laughed a lot. My favorite character was spud 🥔.

I liked the moment when I “played” in the play.

After the play, I went to subscribe to their channel and their instagram. » Mahana

« I liked it because it’s funny. It was fun. » Victor

« I didn’t like it because it doesn’t make sense, and I didn’t laugh. » Eléonore

« I liked the humour because it was a good humour for teenagers. I laughed because the class participated in the play. »  Tom

« The play was very funny 😄. The story was very cool and entertaining. The actors were so fun and they were so good. » Amaury and Dunvaelle

« I liked this play because it was funny. » Alice

« I liked this comedy entitled « hot spud » because the actors were very funny and happy and I had fun at this moment. » Jean

« I liked it because it was very funny and entertaining. » Augustin

« I loved the play! It was comedic and interactive, the actors were really funny and entertaining ! It was really funny and I had a good time. » Pauline Po.

« We liked this play because it was very funny. I liked to play the grandmothers and the tourists. I liked seeing the alien sing. Peter and Chloé

« I liked the characters and I laughed. » Gabin